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Wix Velo

A comprehensive web development platform

Advanced web applications 

Velo by wix is a new tool to add to your full-stack web dev tool belt. Velo will help speed up your development time by minimizing set-up and deployment times and allowing you to use your existing skill set with a built-in IDE optimized for JavaScript development. Using Velo, you can bring an idea or business online faster than before.

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Our Process

Great websites add great values to your business.





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Back-end coding



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IT Consulting


We begin by assessing your current environment and technology stack, speaking to your key stakeholders and tech leads. Our goal is to understand your business needs, and learn how these inform your technology requirements. If we’re also designing your website, technical discovery is part of an integrated discovery and strategy process.

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An optimal technology architecture requires a skillful balancing of factors – current and future needs, workflows, integrations, regulatory requirements, in-house technical resources and, of course, budget – to arrive at the right solution. 

Our experienced technology team acts as your strategic partners – helping you rebuild your tech stack or finding a solution that plays nicely with the tools you have.

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Front- and Back-End Coding

We find the majority of our clients prefer a hybrid development approach, We add new features and improvements in Agile sprints, but we can and do work in other ways. 

Our development teams are fluent in the whole range of modern web development languages, including CSS and Javascript. With our range of partnerships, we have expertise – including many certifications – for a wide variety of CMS options. 

Every build is assigned a dedicated technical Project Manager, who will support your equally dedicated Account Director in efficiently managing work quality, time, and budget.


We’re fanatical about QA, with dedicated teams ruthlessly evaluating the site against over 100 checkpoints before it even gets close to going live.

We like to get our clients involved – while the site is in beta, it lives on a development server, where you and your team can play with it, try to break it, and help us eradicate any bugs.

Application Design
Responsive Website


When we deliver your new site, we don’t just throw you the keys and run. We walk you through the CMS, show you how to use it (and how not to use it), and make sure everyone touching the website is comfortable with managing it.


Launch day is time to celebrate – and to start planning enhancements that deliver even more value to your users and business.

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